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Important Information for New Members about Dues 

Thank you again for your interest in joining our KHL community. 
Paying membership dues to Kol HaLev is one of the important ways we give to each other. It is a tangible way to honor our community, with belief in each other and hope for a future together.
Each of us has our own way and ability to contribute to our community. We all understand the services that benefit us have associated costs. However, we also understand that everyone has a different ability to support our shul financially.
Rather than select a specific amount for membership dues we are asking each of you to determine the amount you choose to contribute for our community.
An understanding of costs may help as you determine your contribution. The budget for 2022-2023 includes expenses of $80,600. After a grant and B’Mitzvah tuition, $91,396 is required from members. Kol HaLev had 73 adult members on June 30, 2022, so the cost of services is about $1,252 per adult.
Please know we are not asking for $1,252 from each adult. As has always been the case, Kol HaLev would never let financial difficulties be an impediment to membership. We ask everyone to give what they can to support all of us. And we are asking those who are fortunate enough to be able to contribute more to consider going as far above as you can and are comfortable with.
Our community has traditionally been able to meet our needs due to the generosity of all members. We thank you and ask you to continue to be generous with each other.
Please understand that while an amount can be nominal, some contribution is required to be considered an active member.
Again, welcome to KHL!
Welcome to Kol HaLev!
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After the form is completed, please remember to click the
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